VOSS BESS system


We understand customer requirements and expectations vary greatly. That’s why we develop solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer, combining our experience, technical expertise and motivated teams.

Battery Energy Storage Systems 

VOSS is working with customers to create top of the line liquid cooling solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). BESS consists of containers with battery modules in which electricity from renewable energy sources is stored. A BESS cooling system is a crucial component in managing the temperature of the battery modules within the energy storage system. To prevent thermal stress and achieve maximum battery performance…optimal temperature control is essential. VOSS designs liquid cooling solutions to evenly distribute, route, connect, and monitor coolant temperatures throughout BESS system. VOSS solutions are safe, reliable, efficient, and tailor-made to meet individual customer and system performance requirements.

Advantages of VOSS Solutions:

  • Development, design and production of custom solutions
  • Highest level of system and component know-how
  • Tightness over entire service life
  • Easy and safe (dis-)assembly
  • Maximum performance and longer battery life
  • Reliable and cost-effective solutions

Perfect combination of:

  • Maintenance-free and installation space-optimized connection technology
  • Precisely pre-formed line and tube assemblies and their routing
  • Easily integrated sensors, manifolds, and valves as well as customized components and aggregates
  • Innovative Double Flow Stops for leakage-free battery removal

VOSS Thermal Management Solutions

VOSS Quick Connect System 270

VOSS Quick Connect System 271