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VOSS Fully Integrated DEF Quality Sensor

Posted 1/27/2017

In December 2016, OEM Off-Highway Magazine recognized the VOSS Automotive, Inc. in-line DEF quality sensor as a Top 10 New Products of 2016.

Designed for diesel engine selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment systems, the VOSS in-line urea quality sensor provides precise diagnostic feedback. It's capable of detecting variances in urea concentration at a range of 5% - 62.5%. The response time is < 2 minutes, max pressure is 15.5 bar and measuring temperature range is between -8°C to +60°C.

Download the VOSS DEF quality sensor brochure for more technical information.

These specifications, alone, make the VOSS in-line urea quality sensor unique, but there's even more to the design. Its electrically heated connection system ensures consistent cold weather performance, and it can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements

(i.e.: 46-minute defrost time at -30°C). Additionally, single edge nibble transmission (SENT)/local interconnect network (LIN) communication protocol is standard, and controller area network (CAN) communication is possible.

VOSS Automotive, GmbH, in collaboration with Eltek Group, designed the urea quality sensor in 2016 to meet industry and customer demands for optimal fluid management systems and minimized NOx emissions.

The sensor's package size is compact, so it can easily be:

• Mounted directly behind the filter

• Retrofitted on existing and/or older vehicles

• Maintained or replaced without disassembling the tank or header

"Based on years of field experience and market feedback, we optimized existing in-line technology to meet customers' needs and address their concerns," said Daniel Wenzel, SCR System Engineer, VOSS Automotive, GmbH. "With the integration of sensor technology, we designed intelligent SCR lines that are capable of more than just conveying fluid."

"This is a testament to how innovative and forward-thinking our engineering and design teams truly are," said Eduardo Vultorius. "They're aware of industry trends, and the needs of our customers, and they deliver every day."

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