BP VAB Inauguration 2017

VOSS Brazil Celebrates New Plant with Inauguration Ceremony

Posted 2/27/2018

On Dec. 12, 2017, VOSS Automotive, Brazil, celebrated the inauguration of its new production plant in Diadema, Sao Paulo. VOSS held a special ceremony for honored guests, including key customers, who praised the plant's size and organization of manufacturing equipment and processes. Other special guests included major suppliers, local authorities and the VOSS Board of Directors.

Members of the VOSS Brazil management team kicked off the event with a few inspirational speeches, followed by the unveiling of the inauguration plate and the ribbon cutting ceremony. The event ended with cocktails to the sound of live Brazilian pop music.

VOSS Brazil's new production plant is specially designed for lean manufacturing and work safety, and it's located near its origial production plant, which is still in operation. This strategic location was selected so the two facilities could be connected, optimizing logistics and improving the communication between the plant teams.

The new plant has an additional 58,000 square feet, for a total manufacturing area of 98,100 square feet. Another 25,300 square feet are available to meet future growth needs. Additionally, the new facility's layout allows for a better transfer of materials, as well as easier installation of new equipment and better implementation of new processes.

The inauguration of a new plant, especially under a crisis scenario in the Brazilian market, shows the VOSS Group is strong and invests in the future.